Color in Religion, Heraldry, Seasons, Months

“Color in Religious Symbolism

  • White:  Symbol of light; signifies purity; joy and glory
  • Red:  Symbol of fire and blood; signifies charity
  • Blue:  Symbol of heaven; signifies truth
  • Green:  Symbol of nature; signifies hope of eternal life
  • Purple:  Signifies sorrow and suffering
  • Black:  Signifies death

Color in Heraldry

  • Yellow or Gold:  Honor and loyalty
  • Silver or White:  Faith and purity
  • Red:  Bravery and courage
  • Black:  Grief and sorrow
  • Green:  Youth and hope
  • Purple:  High rank and royalty
  • Orange:  Strength and endurance
  • Red-purple:  Sacrifice


  • Spring is pink and green
  • Summer is yellow and blue
  • Autumn is orange and brown
  • Winter is red and black


  • January is black and white.  Its birthstone is the Garnet which signifies constancy
  • February is deep blue.  Its birthstone is the Amethyst which signifies sincerity
  • March is gray or silver.  Its birthstone is the Aquarmarine which signifies courage
  • April is yellow.  Its birthstone is the Diamond which signifies innocence
  • May is lavender or lilac.  Its birthstone is Emerald which signifies love and success
  • June is pink or rose.  Its birthstone is the Pearl which signifies health
  • July is sky blue.  Its birthstone is the Ruby which signifies contentment
  • August is deep green.  Its birthstone is the Periodot which signifies married happiness
  • September is orange or gold.  Its birthstone is the Sapphire which signifies clear thinking
  • October is brown.  Its birthstone is the Opal which signifies hope
  • November is purple.  Its birthstone is the Topaz which signfies fidelity
  • December is red.  Its birthstone is the Turquoise which signfies prosperity”

Web Reference: By Joyce Kohl


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