GAP Between IT and Academia of Pakistan

We are dealing with a giant of problems and we do not know where the key to his death or life is, and we wounder if its in a parrot or a sparrow 🙂 Of-course this is not the case. The life of the giant is with him and not separate from him so for killing the giant we have to kill the giant not the parrot or sparrow and cut the life line or hit the heart.

“Laps of mother is the cradle of social virtues for a child” is a quote that i learnt years back in my life. School (school,high school,college,university etc.) is that place where that child goes to after his/her mother’s laps and this is the place where rest of shaping takes place which impacts the child equally while being trained by the parents.

All those today who are professionals or working were students one day. Those from those who excelled are either because of :
– school/teacher
– parents
– personal desire

In case when a person is influenced/inspired by the teacher the other two are weak, when influenced by parents the other two are weak and in case of personal desire the remaining two are weak. When i say weak than it either has very minimum influence or no influence at all.
It may have a combination but i have not dealt with thus far in my life.

These persona play the most vital role in the life of a person as a Shepard or a Gardner. Had they played their roles, this giant would have not born. Generally speaking (that applies to almost 100%), teachers are no longer teachers, parents are no longer parents and personal desires are for the luxuries and not for intellect and this is the heart of the giant, the life line, the desire to buy luxuries than to earn intellect.

This giant can be killed if either school/teacher plays their roles, realizes the importance for their profession and its holiness or If the parents do their roles and discharge their responsibilities with honesty and sincerity or there is strong desire from ones self, may be like some of you people.

How quickly the giant can be killed depends what weapon is used. Using a knife (personal desire) would take longer and chances of success are very low and that one has to be very sturdy to survive the shocks of the giants 🙂 However, the other two school/teacher, parent could have far more effective impact. When both of the them are used togather than its like a double edged sword and can bring that giant down to its ankles 🙂

In my view, we are lacking some very basic ingredients in our society for so long that it has penetrated in almost all walks of our life. These ingredients are motivation for life (money/intellect), innovation, oneness, faith, discipline, sacrifice, well being of others, respect, humbleness, honesty with whatever we do and will to fulfil promises.

I believe all of these should be part of our society. This problem will not vanish unless we adopt the above traits as a nation – which we unfortunately are not !

But this does not mean that the problem can not be cured. If schools/teachers and/or parents adopts the above traits than i do not see why we shall not succeed except if ALLAH does not will ! We shall be able to come out of this GAP between the academia and professionals IF our schools and/or teachers, at least, adopt and inculcate the above traits in students of today who will be the professionals of tomorrow, only than we shall succeed. This is the long term strategy that i propose.

Since professionals have become social animals they need to be offered meat and/or feed to attract them and show the juniors how to become one, share the trade of secrets – if they can dare !

For a short term strategy i propose to follow the same guidelines for conducting events where the professionals are invited to share, coach (observe & guide). Just another quote that popped up here, while writing the previous senescence that “First follow the leader, than walk with the leader and than become the leader” 🙂 very relevant and worthy of mentioning here.

So coming back to the short term strategy, professionals should not teach unless they are in touch with current contemporary academia text and research. However, professionals should be motivated to share the real time experiences, case studies with loyalty and honesty obliged.

Those professionals who keep themselves updated with the current text books of their trade and are well aware of the progress being made in the industry and the academia have the right to teach and they should be invited to serve and contribute

I conclude here with this an excellent quote that i recalled which describes well the entire reason for existence and connects my this long comment 🙂 with the previous one i made yesterday, the quote goes “If you follow the sun the shadow will follow you, If go against the sun you follow the shadow”

Sibtain Naqvi

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