Deen is a Set of Laws

Deen is a Set of Laws
Deen is a Set of Laws

Religion Islam (Deen) is a Set of Laws set by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, the GOD. These laws cover human social behavior and all other things that HE Created other than human behavior, obviously there exists no law that is intended for animals and controls their social behavior since they are not born intelligent enough to understand laws and practice them more rigidly than humans.

Science is about knowing, what can be known, one aspects of the laws of the science that is about other than behavior the matter that includes us as well. What a physical, and metaphysical combination it is !!! ALHAMDULLLAH

Human laws can easily be changed therefore people changed them and now they are trying to know the laws of the physical world and obviously will try to change them as well? Will they be able to change them??? A pro-scientific man would say YES, where the fact is they do not know!

Can you imagine or belief, if the scientist could:

  • Control who can breath who can not?
  • If the sun will rise today or not?
  • The moon will set today or not?
  • Only few man will remain alive and few will die?
  • There will not be any planet in the entire existence  but earth?
  • They will create more planets like earth?
  • Can Scientist (a human) create creatures better than humans in all respects?
  • Can scientists create new laws of physical world after having created/modified behavioral laws?
  • Can every man in this world would be able to create their own personal universes, much bigger than this universe, out of big bang (if this is real and not a hypothesis)
  • Can scientists control time and create their own time?

May be for some you could say YES and may be NO. EVEN if they could by learning it from an example, but who did the first time??? Whose meta laws they would follow!!! Who would have created those meta laws !!!!

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