The Religion & World (Deen & Dunya)

Religion & World
Religion & World

People differentiate between deen and dunya, and have developed a belief that Dunya is separate from Religion.  The separation between the two seems to have been due to a belief that “GOD is in the Skies and the world is empty from Him”. The idea seems to have been crafted by the man to rule other man while believing that HE does not intervenes in worldly matter and giving the same arguments to others to convince that he is the ruler and people should accept it.

The deen Islam is not separate from Dunya. In fact,  deen is the law of the world in existanace (human beings and non living beings – from our stand point). Whatever, we do here is governed by the law. Following are few reasons why Deen & Dunya are not separate:

  1. The GOD (ALLAH) is everywhere due to his knowledge, HE knows everything (and he is not contained in/on/over/under)
  2. The World is the field for the Forever world (Dunya akhirat ke khaiti hai)
  3. All of actions are monitored and recorded and we are going to be punished or rewarded for those actions done in this world.
  4. Whatever is in the skies and lands is HIS
  5. All we (living & non-living) do in this world is action (Ammal)

We should always remember that Keeping a free will does not makes us most powerful rather the One who created, bestowed this free power to us is certainly the most powerful.

So, how come dunya is separate from deen?

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