Politician Union









An action can be either RIGHT or WRONG. What Dr. Qadri is  doing all for is for the RIGHT cause, get rid of these filthy politician that we see on our TV screens these days. You see, these politician got united as soon as they felt threatened by what thoughts Dr. Qadri is radiating to oppressed people of  our land. 

The Uniting of these politician (in government or opposition) over a single cause, in the name of safeguarding democracy, is a grand message to the people of land that if politician can get united “to safeguard their interest” WHY Can not PEOPLE of the land can get united to peel off these corrupt politicians.

I describe their uniting as forming “Politician Union (Just like employees union)” What scared them together are “their interests in the survival of their democracy (which they call people’s democracy) in this land” which they know how to tweak and that’s what their profession is !

The private media, works for the money and their opinions are and will always be biased and the nonsense and irresponsible monkeys dancing and shouting in the TV screens at our homes.

So, the rotten politician with the rotten media is a deadly mix to kill all people of the land spiritually. This stupid media is airing messages that supports what these politicians are saying that “Save (their version of) democracy, people may be wrong” Such as illogically logical message is being sent to people.

This learned media can not simply understand that this democracy was not revealed from heavens, these were the people who created this, and these are the people who can manipulate it as well.

So, when a plane crashes most of the time it is the fault of the machinery not the pilot. So, setting the wrong analogy that suit their best interests and bombarding the propaganda bombs to the people. So, getting rid of the bad people is more important than saving the corrupt system/democracy. Since, if there will be no people than of what use will be of this system. You see, There was nothing but ALLAH (the living, Self-subsisting) and HE created whatever exists .

People should be thankful to ALLAH that HE has shown all the corruption of the society, gathered together, to all naked eyes who is right and who is wrong, and wrong is always in abundance and their are very few people with the RIGHT.

May ALLAH safeguard us from the land’s devil ( politician, religious politician, their corrupt version of democracy, media, and Hippocracy of all of them


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